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  • Keep Calm and Wedding on – The Big Day is 7 days away!

      The wedding is so soon and there's still so much to do! You have to pick up the dress. Who is picking up the relatives from abroad at the airport...
  • Your 10 Tasks as Maid of Honor

    The time has finally come! The big day is approaching for your best friend, sister or cousin. She wants to celebrate her love with her partner and...
  • Maid of Honor Speech Dos and Don’ts

    You are the maid of honor and have decided to give a speech at the wedding of your favorite bride-to-be? Then the following questions and thoughts can help you make your speech a classy and appropriate part of the wedding program. You and the bride have a history with each other that has inspired her to make you her maid of honor. Now it is up to you to tell this story, praise the bride and groom and bring across all the best wishes in your maid of honor speech while also keeping your sanity and being mindful of your own feelings. Our tips will help you not be a nervous bundle of stress and be confident and happy to give your speech at the wedding.
  • Best Activities for Wedding Guests to Pass the Time

    You want your guests to have a good time before the wedding even starts, but want to avoid embarrassing wedding games? There are some ways to help...