Hey Darling! You just found the ultimate wedding present ♥

About Us

„Feel the magic of love – every single day before your wedding.”

We’re happy that you’re here! Are you ready to enjoy the last 7 days before your wedding? Or to sweeten those last few days for your best friend who’s getting married?

You’re probably here because you want to know: Who’s behind the idea to accompany you in those last 7 days with carefully selected gifts and motivating affirmations? Well then, let’s reveal our little “secret”. ;)

Maybe you already know us? Yes, we are the melovely team! We’re living out our passion for style and fashion in our online shop. On melovely.de we show you really unique designer jewelry, cool watches, backpacks, and more. And you can’t just find us online, but also in our store located in the heart of Berlin. ♥

What inspired us to create Wedding Countdown Box?

“Little gifts brighten your everyday life.”

That is SO true! Especially in stressful times! And that motto is one part of our philosophy.

To inspire you and help you enjoy the small moments is our goal – and that’s exactly what makes the “gift moment” so special and magical. So why not honor a special day like a wedding a little earlier, instead of just on the Big Day itself? Let’s be honest: We hear over and over again from our customers (especially brides) that our melovely jewelry is a little glimpse of happiness – all the way from the moment they unpack it to every single day on which they wear our accessories.

Jewelry and weddings belong together, so we asked ourselves: “What can we do for a bride that already has it all?”

Well, it’s really not that hard to figure out! Most brides need one thing more than anything else: A moment to relax.

And that’s how we came up with the formula:

“Small Gifts + Relaxing Moments = Happy Bride!”

So we created the Wedding Countdown Box for all the brides-to-be out there. Our box gives them the mindset and mental space to enjoy and honor the last 7 days before the wedding rather than be overwhelmed by last minute stress. We accompany them right up to the big day with 7 lovingly picked gifts, encouraging affirmations, and small rituals that help them settle down and be mindful.

In other words: Every little box elevates your excitement and you can enjoy the journey to the Big Day with surprises and exciting inspirations.

Happy Marrying! ♥

Much love,

Your melovely team