Hey Darling! You just found the ultimate wedding present ♥

What’s inside the Wedding Countdown Box?

You want to know the content of the Wedding Countdown Box? Well, the seven gifts are a surprise for the bride, so it should stay a secret! But if you want to know what is inside because you’re a bridesmaid, groom, parent or simply someone who is considering the Wedding Countdow Box as a gift, you can find examples of all seven magical gifts here.

Every day’s box comes with a little note that inspires the bride to do small mindfulness rituals and a short text explains how to best use the energy of the gift with an affirmation.

Countdown plaque “Days ‘til we are Mr & Mrs”

The last few days are approaching!
The first box the bride opens has a cute countdown calendar to hang on a wall. With the chalk that comes with the board, the bride can fill in the number of days till the wedding!

By Sass & Belle from Britain
The cute and stylish countdown plaque was designed by the British label Sass & Belle! The bride can use a nail to hang it on a wall, for example. With a nice bow, the chalk is tied to the plaque, so it’s always handy when the bride wants to write on the board.

7, 6, 5, … Wedding Day! 
As a daily ritual, the bride can celebrate every single day by writing on the cute countdown board! Every time she remembers that the Big Day is only a few short days away, she will get those wonderful wedding vibes. Consciously knowing how much time is left helps her enjoy each day! And on her wedding day, she can write a big fat zero on the board – it’s perfect to hang up at the wedding location as decoration or on the chairs of the bride and groom.

Comfy socks (so she doesn’t get cold feet!)

Soft socks for the bride
Everything is going to change soon! But instead of cold feet, the bride hopefully only gets lots of love during the wedding preparations – and warm feet with these adorable cupcake socks. ;) The colorful socks are adorned with a playful little bobble at the top.

Calming those big nerves
These cute socks serve as a reminder that any doubt or fear right before the wedding is probably just induced by stress and excitement. And even if the bride doesn’t have any doubts, she may still have freezing feet (we know the issue!) – slip right into those socks! ;)

Chilling before the big day
With their toasty warm softness, the socks are the perfect companion for a relaxed evening – especially so close to the wedding, a few moments of peace and silence are all the more important. So throw on those socks and chill on the couch with some chocolate and marshmallows!

Wedding Ring Dish “Mr & Mrs”

Mr & Mrs united!
Where will the wedding rings cuddle when they aren’t on the lovers’ fingers? Sometimes you can’t avoid it – while cleaning, working out, or swimming, even wedding rings should sometimes be taken off. In that case, they have a safe place on this little ring dish! You can also use the cute dish as a replacement ring pillow during the wedding ceremony.

Finding a nice place
Only a few short days till the wedding – this ring dish will remind the bride that soon, her wedding ring will be on her finger or on this little dish! On the day she unpacks the dish, she can look for a sweet place in her home where she would love to see the little trinket dish every day. Whether it’s in her bedroom or on the dresser by the door: This magical dish is always a little statement and symbol for the eternal love of the soon-to-be freshly married Mr & Mrs duo!

What if the rings never leave the lovers’ fingers? Or what if they don’t have rings?
No prob! The two can use the little dish to serve each other sweets, mini muffins or cookies on the little plate.

Heart-shaped Bath Bomb

Rose-scented relaxation ritual
Me time is important! Sometimes, happy excitement and stress unfortunately go hand in hand, so it’s time to relax so close to the wedding. With real rose petals, fragrant bathwater, and calming music the bride can withdraw today – either alone or with her future husband!

Don’t have a bathtub? Try this:
The bride can simply light some candles and dissolve the bath bomb in a nice big bowl. She can watch the floating rose petals on the water and take a few minutes to herself, enveloped in the scent of roses. During this time to herself, she can acknowledge anything that is still bothering her and gently release it in preparation for the Big Day.

Cute note pad to practice her new signature

Ideas, dreams, and a new signature
In one of the boxes, the bride receives a note pad to imagine the moment she signs the wedding papers on her Big Day. She can practice her new signature on it (in case she changes her name), write down her thoughts, and put down final to do lists or wishes for the wedding day.

Writing inspiration
To inspire the bride, the note pad comes with quite a few stickers that have titles and journaling prompts to help her sort out her thoughts. For example “Love is…” or “I want to wake up with this thought on my wedding day”. So even a bride with writer’s block has a few ideas of where to start. ;)

High-quality garter with ruffles

Sweet love…
With a garter as a sweet little secret under her dress, every bride feels even more beautiful and seductive. Garters are quite traditional, but this one isn’t boring or stale at all. After the wedding, it is a wonderful reminder of the wedding day and all the romantic moments that follow it!

Designed & crafted by mondin
German designer Tanja Hartmann from the label mondin crafts this garter out of high-quality satin with ruffles and a blue bow. Thanks to an elastic band, it safely stays up on the thigh. As a little surprise for the groom, this garter is simply perfect. ♥

The bride already has a garter?
No problem: Be inspired by a French tradition! In France, the garter is auctioned off to the highest bidder at the wedding. So if the bride & groom want to fill up their honeymoon wallet a little, this garter comes at the right time. ;)

Bracelet “Just Married”

Just married!
Deep breaths – the Big Day is so close now when the bride unpacks this bracelet that is engraved with the words “Just Married”! After they say yes, a great relaxation sets in, the legendary party begins, and it’s time for their strengthened journey as wife and husband. Once she is married, the bride can put on this bracelet and wear it consciously after saying “yes” on the day of the wedding. During the honeymoon, she will smile and think back to her wedding every time she looks down at the bracelet on her arm.

Material & Engraving
In order for the bracelet to accompany the bride for a long time, it is made of strong stainless steel of high quality. You can also engrave the wedding date or the couple’s names on the back of the bracelet to give it even more meaning. The bracelet is adjustable in its size thanks to a little extension chain.

Last advice & sweet words
Just like all the other boxes, this last box with the bracelet also has some especially encouraging words: Smile away small catastrophes, relax, and enjoy the day in whatever way it unfolds – that’s the motto for this wonderful, huge day! In that way, the bride can feel the magic of every facet of the day and is reminded of the fact that in the end, it’s all about being united with her beloved partner.

Bonus: 100-Day Mini Countdown

The last 7 days are still far away?
Then the bride can pass the time with the mini countdown that is included: Every day, she fills in a heart on this mini countdown – the last 7 days are marked with flowers so she knows exactly when she can open the first gift. 7 days before the wedding, she moves from the small countdown to the big countdown!

Small countdown
The little mini countdown calendar for the last 100 days before the wedding is cute and decorative, so the bride can put it in a visible place – for example on her dresser. It will help the bride and her partner to not only keep an eye on the timeframes for planning, but also get excited about their magical wedding day that is drawing closer and closer.