Hey Darling! You just found the ultimate wedding present ♥

The Wedding Countdown Box ™
The Wedding Countdown Box ™
The Wedding Countdown Box ™
The Wedding Countdown Box ™
The Wedding Countdown Box ™

The Wedding Countdown Box ™

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Delivery Time: 3 – 21 days depending on where you are in the world.

Feel the magic of love – every day before your wedding!

Are you looking for the ultimate, creative gift idea for a lovely bride?

With the Wedding Countdown Box, every bride can fully enjoy the last week before her Big Day with seven surprises:

✓ carefully selected gifts
✓ encouraging affirmations
✓ small rituals to relax and practice mindfulness

This is how the Wedding Countdown Box works - it's simple: In the last 7 days before her wedding, the bride opens one little box every day. Each box has a gift, an affirmation, and suggestions on how the bride can use the energy of the gifts to create a mindful moment for herself. With the Countdown Box, every bride is encouraged to take care of herself and enjoy a moment of silence and happiness about what is lying ahead of her instead of getting stressed out so close to the wedding.

As a present for a future bride, the Wedding Countdown Box is a magical dream. ♥ We think that this intense phase right before the wedding is its own special energy and that the bride deserves to appreciate and enjoy it fully: This box is her magical companion in the last seven exciting days!


When can you gift the Wedding Countdown Box to the bride? Besides the small presents for the last seven days, we also include a Mini Countdown Calendar on which the bride strikes out the last 100 days. So you can give the box to the bride 100 days before the wedding or even earlier if you want to!

What is in the Wedding Countdown Box? Seven beautiful, original presents – many of them will still bring joy to the bride after the wedding and are not consumables or other one-time items. There are no joke items in the box – we are very serious about the joy of weddings. ;)
If you're very curious about what's inside the Wedding Countdown Box, you can see the contents of the Wedding Countdown Box here – but if you want to be surprised, don’t look too closely! The photos show examples of what can be included in the box.

The Wedding Countdown Box is for…
… Brides who know themselves and want to gift themselves a reason to relax every day before the wedding. Give the box to yourself!
… Bridesmaids or grooms who want to help their bride get out of “Bridezilla” mode on the most stressful days before the wedding.
… Friends of the bride who are looking for a special present for the Bachelorette party.
… Mom & Dad who want to sweeten their daughter’s last single days and remind her to think of herself amongst all the stressful prep work.

How fast do you send the Wedding Countdown Box? And where do you ship to? Every Wedding Countdown Box is wrapped beautifully we ship it out within a day or two after you place your order. How long the package takes to arrive depends on your location – we ship from Berlin, Germany. You can also give us the bride’s address and we will send it straight to her if you’re in a hurry!
Enjoy the magic of love with us and gift your bride many magical moments before her beautiful Big Day!

Got questions? Write us an e-mail hello@wedding-countdown-box.com – we look forward to hearing from you!